Ms. Genia Waller I have danced since I was 6 years old. I started teaching at the age of 13, taught for 7 years for a local dance school after I graduated from High School. I started the Dance Factory at the age of 25. Through the years I have continued my dance education to keep current on all dance forms. I love dance because dancing brings joy and smiles. That's why I always tell my students to... "Keep Smiling, Keep Dancing"!
Ms. Jeninne Poe I have studied dance since the age of six and a student in the areas of Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Tumbling. I would have to contribute my dance career to my Grandmother, she started my dance career as a young child and as a dancer herself she was such a great inspiration. I have studied dance under Ms. Genia's direction since my elementary school years and through High School. I started my teaching career in 1991 at The Dance Factory under the direction of Ms. Genia. I enjoy teaching all ages and all areas and forms of dance. The best part of teaching for me would be the joy and fun my students have in class. I think of all my students as my family.
Ms. Melinda Koenig I taught my first student at the Dance Factory the first year the studio opened. I was in the 7th grade. In 1995, I taught my first class. I love sharing my love of dance when I teach. I especially enjoy seeing the kids attempting and accomplishing new steps. I love teaching the kids dances and then watching them perform in the recital. I get the most satisfaction from seeing my girls perform. If I had to choose my favorite dance style, it would be ballet, but I truly love all styles of dance. I feel very lucky that Ms. Genia got me interested in dance. And having always loved "dancing" in my little leotard, having an aunt who taught dance. I was hooked. I feel extremely blessed to still have dance in my life.
Glendinning Johnston Glendinning has been dancing since she was 2. She began dancing at Children's Dance Foundation and continued taking at Dale Serrano and Steeple Arts. Growing up Glendinning fell in love with dance studying tap, jazz, modern and some ballet and hip Hop. In school, Glendinning was on the Spartanettes dance team at MBJH. She attended Auburn University where she majored in art and minored in dance. While at Auburn Glendinning participated in numerous dance shows with the Auburn University theatre department including "Gotta Dance" and "Meaning in Motion" which was a dance show centered around the art exhibits in the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Art. Glendinning also auditioned for and made auburns hip hop dance team, Au Rhythm. Au Rhythm performed at many pep rallies, campus events, and competitions always known as a crowd favorite around Auburn's campus. After being a part of Au Rhythm for 3 years, Glendinning gained a lot of knowledge about hip hop. After graduating from Auburn, Glendinning began teaching hip hop in the Birmingham area while in grad school at UAB for art education. Glendinning has been teaching at The Dance Factory since 2013 and has absolutely loved working with the kids! Glendinning hopes to become an art teacher and continue teaching dance!
Beth Herron My name is Beth or otherwise known in the studio as Barbie. I was born and raised in Birmingham. I started dance at the fun age of five and somehow mom unknowingly found me a second family. I went through life just like everyone else in the world trying to find what fit me best, but every time I found myself I was back at the studio. Ms Genia was my dance teacher, my mom, my inspiration, I just wanted to make her happy and found an older sister, Mrs. Jeninne, along the way. I was given the name Barbie throughout the years and I acquired multiple little sisters as well. I have found the family tree keeps branching out and I get to see and be apart of the same love Genia, Melinda, and Jeninne created throughout the years. I love seeing all the new faces and the ones that keep returning to enjoy the same place I found comfort in. I am proud to be one of THE DANCE FACTORY's teachers now. ~Dance is not just an art form, it is a lifestyle, an expression, a feeling. It is every breath you take every emotion you feel and every movement you make.
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